Franchising in South Africa – Join us!

Franchising in South Africa offers lucrative business opportunities

Below are a few reasons as to why starting a small business Franchise is South Africa is a viable option:

  • Starting a franchise in South Africa is a great option for the entrepreneur who does not want the take the risks of starting a new business.
  • Franchising is growing and the franchising sector of South Africa is starting to make an impact on markets; both locally and abroad.
  • Franchising added more than 3 700 new franchise businesses to the South African economy in the last period.
  • Franchising in South Africa is generating a turnover of R302 billion.
  • South Africa has over 400 franchise systems and 23 000 franchise outlets.
  • Franchising in South Africa is growing at around 13% annually and has only an 11% failure rate.
  • Franchising in South Africa is starting to build rapid momentum and is contribution approximately 10% to South Africa’s GDP.
  • Employment figures in the industry is measured at 480 000
  • South Africa has currently 17 franchise classification categories in the local economy – compared to close to 50 franchise classification categories in countries like Canada.
  • Retail accounts for 20%; business-to-business services for 10%; building, office and home services for 9%; automotive products and services for 8%; and childcare, education and training for 8%.
  • Fast food and restaurants still make up the highest number of franchised units in South Africa – accounting for about quarter or 22% of stores – but a range of other sectors are growing fast.
  • Franchisors are also optimistic about future growth, with 88% saying they believed they would see growth. Only 4% predicted a decline and a further 8% were unsure.

2nd Take embraces this winning Franchise philosophy wholeheartedly and is striving for great heights. Consider joining the 2nd Take group and become part of a winning system.

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