Franchising is a cost efficient means to a living

2nd Take Franchising

Do you want to have your own successful business, without having to spend millions in the start-up?

2nd Take will be right for you.

Franchising is one of the optimal methods for achieving business success rapidly without risking too much in terms of capital expenditure and lost opportunity for revenue generation. Those individuals interested in franchising as a quick business start up should view the franchise as an opportunity for optimal revenue generation and financial growth.

Franchising Model:

The franchise format offers the following advantages:

  • An already existing and sustainable business format – that has been tested and quality reviewed. Accepted by the Franchising industry bodies.
  • A sound marketing platform that an individual can leverage to drive business growth
  • Marketing support and franchising toolkits to support the start-up – branded, reviewed and retail / consumer focussed
  • Managerial “where with all” to support the management of the business – you can call management whenever you need help
  • A library of institutional knowledge on franchising that can be called upon at a moments notice – a learn by doing approach that is documented
  • Economies of scale that has already been rendered bankable – it has been tested
  • An opportunity to be involved in multiple businesses whilst gaining scale efficiencies – strengthening business resolve and financial muscles. A franchisee can purchase multiple stores to achieve this

It is for the discerning Fashionista… If you enjoy fashion and people then you will enjoy a 2nd Take Franchise.


We need people like you – so be prepared to:

  • sell
  • work hard
  • be your own boss
  • manage risk
  • work in groups or on your own
  • build the right skills
  • build a future around the franchise

Contact us for more info on 021 434 5878 or e-mail us: We are waiting for your call.


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