Polka Dots Fashion

Polka Dots Fashion – for women and men

Polka dot clothing items are now trending not only for women, but also for men. They were usually connected to female fashion, but now both sex can wear trendy dotted fashion outfits. Polka dots were first in fashion in 1926, when Miss America was spotted wearing a polka dot swimsuit. Everyone can wear this pattern as long as they are stylish in it.

Polka Dots Fashion history

In 1940, Frank Sinatra released a ballad called ‘Polka Dots and Moonbeams’ as a result it started a Polka Dots mania.  Los Angeles Times reported, ‘You can sign your fashion life away on the Polka Dotted line, and you will never regret it”.  The love of this design continued for decades. It encouraged many manufactures to associate the “Polka” name with their brand due to profiting from Polka name. It is now in demand; clothing items with polka dots put one in a spotlight.

Polka Dots Fashion Lovers

Polka Dots Fashion have a variety of stylish clothing items.  From big filled circles to little Polka dots patterns. Every clothing item can be designed with it and it suits any body shape. It is highly advisable that people must own at least three clothing items with Polka Dots as it is ageless.

Polka Dots is on the runway, the red carpet and on the street! Get an item with this pattern and walk like you are the only one who owns it!


Polka Dots Fashion


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