Fashion: the Peplum Trend

The Peplum has made an appearance on more than a few of the Spring 2012 runways. It’s one of the latest fashion trends but it has been around for centuries. This season everything from skirts to shirts to dresses -you name it, are all receiving a little bit of extra lift.

Pretty Peplum in feminine colours on the runway - designer dresses


What is the Peplum?

It was originally referred to as “Peplos”. The word refers to a kind of woman’s Grecian garment which is layered back on itself. It is usually a form of tunic that includes a short overskirt. The modern version comes in all colours and sizes. It is recognisable on any woman’s waist as a short gathered strip of fabric that flares into a ruffle. It sits at the natural waist (the smallest part of the woman’s body between her hips and breasts). The ruffle effect can be anything from a subtle lift to a bold crease, depending on the designer’s wishes. Very often the jacket or skirt has a matching top or bottom. The matching top and skirt or pants works towards drawing more attention to the focal point of this trend – the piece of material that sticks out from the woman’s body.

Blake Lively looking chic in a black Peplum dress

Who can wear the Peplum?

Very often a fashion trend can be specific to a body-type. Not this sophisticated but sometimes costumey look. A woman with curves can wear this trend with just as much confidence as a lady with a slender build. It is a tailored look, cinching in at the waist and flaring out just above the hips. This either flaunts the curves that a woman already has or enhances those that might not be there. It works in almost every colour and material types.

Who’s making it famous?

We love the stylish, black version on the stunning Blake Lively. Kim Kardashian keeps it professional and alluring while Beyonce went wild with the Peplum trend in a brightly coloured dress. Emma Stone made it cute with a quirky colour combo of pink and red.

Celebrities wearing the Peplum trend on the red carpet

How to wear the Peplum:

Opt for the sleeker version of this look. The Peplum looks best with an above-the-knee skirt or dress and court shoes. You can also wear it with ankle boots or ankle-strapped sandals but make sure they don’t come up too high. Because this trend has a shortening effect on the legs it’s always a good idea to make sure the hemline sits just above or below the knee, where the leg shape starts to narrow. Wearing a Peplum with trousers is an even better option. This will flatter women with shorter legs, and it makes the whole look a bit more modern.

Images from here, here and here.

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