Marc Jacobs, the designer with famous brands

Marc Jacobs and his famous brands


Marc Jacobs has been, to a great extent, a wonder of the Fashion Industry with his unique famous brands. His choices in fabrics, colours and textures inspires other designers, artists and interior decorators. He was crowned the most watched designer of the 21st century because of his constant impact on style and designing famous brands.

Marc Jacobs often finds inspiration in monochrome. In his Spring RTW 2013 collection, he focused on dramatic, high contrasting black and white garments and neutrals. He mixed shades of caramel, added decorative detailing and fabrics with different textures and appearance.

Marc Jacobs is our inspiration for this week’s monochromatic theme, but we have found that he is not the only designer favouring this look.

Try this look in your favourite colour.

Marc Jacobs inspired by the Monochrome Trend Famous Brands

Marc Jacobs inspired by the Monochrome Trend


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