Exciting Times Ahead at 2nd Take!

Wow, June is really turning out to be an exciting month at 2nd Take ‘fashion headquarters’; we have four fabulous new interns who have arrived with tons of new ideas to help us make 2nd Take bigger and better! We also have a location change coming up as we will be moving to a new store space with more room for awesome changes. This new store is looking fabulous and is conveniently situated only a short way up the road from our current shop on Regent road, and we aim to have made the move by the 1st July. We will be having sales and promotions to celebrate, so keep checking our social media platforms and chatting to our sales ladies in store to stay ‘in the know’!


In the meantime, however, if you are in search of a great read, then why not check out the third issue of 2nd Take’s online magazine, TRENDTAKE! It’s full of awesome beauty tips, fashion shoots, things to do and behind the scenes pictures. Check it out under the ‘Magazines’ tab on our home page! And if you like this edition, you’ll be happy to know that our winter issue is already underway and is going to be even more riveting!


Enjoy the rest of the week in anticipation of the long weekend that lies ahead!

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