A greener Take with 2ndTake- be eco-friendly with ease

A greener take with 2nd Take-be eco-friendly with ease

Take Stock. It’s a new year and the perfect time for some Spring cleaning. Here are some tips and opportunities to be green, eco-friendly and still very fashionable.

Most of us aren’t even sure what’s in our cupboards and the first step to having a green wardrobe is to simplify. Anything stained, old, ripped, too loose, too tight or unworn for months should be given to a charity of your choice.

Make a note of what you have plenty of and what you need to add to your wardrobe, this way you can ensure that when you do go shopping you won’t end up buying unnecessary items.

Any items you think can be saved with some innovative upcycling keep for when you start to feel creative!

Remember that 2nd Take offers a great alternative to fashion pollution. We’re   a eco-friendly company which offers affordable and exclusive second  hand designer wear. Be sure to check out our online website.


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