Eco-Fashion by Rio Wrenn

Eco-friendly fashion for a greener future.

Rio Wrenn Eco-Fashion 1

Here at 2nd Take, we love everything fashion and everything that is green, eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. But going green doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on your aesthetic. Eco-fashion is the way the way of the future and it is set to change the way you consider your clothing.


Making eco-fashion Fabulous!

Why don’t you take a look at Rio Wrenn’s phenomenal collection of reused yet artistic creations. She uses pure silk along with a unique “rusting” technique to create beautiful markings on her garments. She also uses almost anything she can get her creative hands on and transforms it into something quite exquisite.


Her Pre-Soiled Collection saw her take used, recycled and left over materials and objects and turn them in “Eco Couture”. Some of the items she uses include vintage lace, tea bags, bottle caps and metal.

Rio Wrenn Eco-Fashion 2

It’s an incredible way of looking at things that are considered unnecessary or “trash” in a new light.


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Read an interview with Rio Wrenn here.

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