Do’s and Don’ts for Men’s Winter Style

Entry originally posted 3 May, 2012

mens winter fashion - do's and don'ts

With the shorter, colder days and longer nights increasing, it’s safe to say that winter is fast approaching!

For many it’s the time of year where we tend to neglect our personal style. The cold does not exactly lend itself to great style, does it? Well, you can turn your winter around this year, and make it that much hotter!

An important tip to remember before leaving the house in the morning is to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! – And that goes for both men and women. Dig out your hats, scarves, beanies and bags. For the guys that find themselves fashionably challenged this winter or in need of some cool tips, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to spice up your colder months.

The Do’s of Winter Fashion:

DO stick with a classic winter hat

Don’t let the cold weather become a lame excuse for looking anything less than slick. Basic hats are always a great way to complete your look. Ski caps, fedoras, bowlers or newsboy hats always work really well.

 DO wear and take care of your leather

Water-repellent sprays helps prevent potential moisture damage on your leather items. Dry shoes off and use a damp cloth to avoid those nasty water-mark lines. However, an equal mixture of water and white vinegar will get that cleaned up in no time.    

DO layer with a vest jacket

This is the perfect touch for an extra barrier against the cold. Throw it over your jersey or sweater, and you’re good to go.

DO learn to tie your scarf

It’s simple. Here are three great looks:

The Parisian – Fold your scarf lengthwise. Pull the two ends through the loop created on the opposite side, and there you go! This look is recommended for maximum warmth because of its cosy fit.

The Casual look – Place the scarf on your neck with the one side slightly longer than the other. Then wrap it around and through the loop.

The Not-so-cold look – Try the once-around, loose look. This one only works well with longer scarves.

The Don’ts of Winter Fashion:

DON’T wear an oversized puffer jacket

Yes, evidently it makes sense that thicker means warmer. However thick, puffy jackets have had their days. You’re much better off creating simpler, slimmer layers of well-fitted pieces.

DON’T walk in the rain in Ugg boots!

We can admit these unisex boots can be very tempting during the cold weather. But these generally end up in the bin shortly after spending a few days in the rain. 

DON’T bulk up

Packing up on those few extra pounds is the last thing anyone wants to do during the winter. Like we said before, it seems critical to create armour against the cold, but you also want to avoid looking like a big, shapeless ball of fur! Stick to those fitted, lightweight fabrics – you keep warm and look good too.

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