Does your hairstyle define you?

Entry Originally posted on 14 May, 2012

pixie hair cut - hair styles

Hair, There and Everywhere…

The subject of hair care has been done before; so many “experts” claim to have the best secrets to supermodel locks. But the truth is there is no one secret to maintaining your hair because yours is different to your best friend’s, or your mother’s. Hair care is all about what works for you; what styling routine you have, which products to use – it’s all about trying out different things and then sticking with the best.

This post is a little bit more fun – for most women their hair works towards defining them so we’ve taken a look at what a particular hairstyle says about a woman.


Mid-length to long flowy hair

This hairstyle has a romantic, feminine feel to it. Women across the globe wear this style comfortably and it often conveys a sense of security and safety. If you’re growing your hair, add a few layers of colour for some extra vibrancy in your locks. Subtle highlight can also work towards giving your hair a new life without changing it up too drastically.

long sleek hair - hair styles


The Bob

Strength, power, elegance and simplicity – that’s what this hairstyle says. The sharp angles highlight the jaw line, while the shorter length retains a femininity that can also come across as no-nonsense. This makes the bob perfect for a business woman who wants to exude confidence while still looking edgy & sophisticated. 

bob haircut - hair styles


Pixie cut

This very short hair cut is simple and easy to maintain. It emphasises the natural beauty of the woman who wears it by drawing attention to the facial features rather than away from them. This hair style shows people that you’re comfortable & confident in your own skin.


Many of these styles can be varied with an assortment of things. Try the bob with a heavy bang or layer long hair to introduce texture, volume and accents. The great thing about hair is that it often grows at an alarming rate so it’s easy to experiment with it. You just have to pluck up the initial courage.

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