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DIY Lanvin designer belt

   DIY Lanvin Belt 2nd Take, Cape Town

If you have a few minutes to spare, try your hand at some quick, DIY-style.

Add a bit of sparkle to a special occasion with a few minutes of DIY! We love these beautiful Lanvin Crystal Encrusted belts as a statement piece to any toned-down outfit. But with price tags ranging from R9 000 to R15 000, they may be out of reach for many of us! So cut the cost and DIY!

Take a quick trip to the fabric store and pick up some double faced satin ribbon, sequin patches (your choice), fabric glue, black felt and scissors. Cut out a double satin ribbon according to your waist length. Create your own design with the sequin patches and stick them on to the cut out felt. Trim the felt with the sequins on it and attach it to the center of the ribbon. For a more detailed description, follow the DIY link here.

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