DIY with 2nd Take – Gold Painted Trendy Denim Jeans

Old jeans turns into Trendy Denim Jeans

DIY - Gold Painted Trendy Denim Jeans - 2nd Take second hand designer jeans

It’s DIY time again and we decided to kick back with a slightly less labour-intensive project. It is for those of you who still love the fit of your denim jeans, but are just bored with the look of it. So pull out your denim doldrums and turn them into golden painted trendy denim jeans.

Your 2nd Take team loves the  DIY Gold Painted Trendy Denim Jeans  idea. It is so simple to revive an old classic pair of jeans with a new coat of colour.

Let us know how it goes. You could even send us a pic of the results to

Image here.

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