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Louis Vuitton the designer

Louis Vuitton and his legacy- How it all started

Louis Vuitton was born on the 4th of August 1821 in Anchay, France.  He was a French box-maker and packer who came up with the idea for the luxury brand.  The brand has been producing quality luxury bags for over 150 years and has turned out to be one of the most talked about brands of all time.

Louis Vuitton  was just another young boy that had a vision. A vision to make beautiful quality bags. He is defiantly one of those legends that will never be forgotten.

Although it was not an easy journey becoming successful, Louis Vuitton like any designer started small. At a very  young age he developed a passion for designing the best luxury quality luggage bags. Unfortunately he  passed away on the 27th of February 1892. His son ,Georges took over the company and started the family business. From then on he has put the  luxury brand on top.

This famous brand is extremely popular amongst celebrities

The brand has to constantly maintain a good reputation with the public. In doing so the luxury brand defiantly attracts celebrities. Quite a few famous models and actresses have been used  over the  past few years in marketing campaigns for the brand. Such celebrities include: Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Michelle Williams, just to name a few.

Louis Vuitton fashion show 1       Louis Vuitton fashion show 2

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Get to know your brands

Purchasing designer clothing  is not easy if your not familiar with the brand. You could end up buying a fake item. Check out the Louis Vuitton authenticity guideline here.

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