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Stunning Matric Dance Dress for your special night

Being a teenager means having entertainment and making every moment count. Last year of High School is one of the best teenage life stages.  To girls the end of final year means Matric Dance and Matric Dance Dress.  Wearing full school uniform for years can be tiresome and the Matric Dance comes as a breathing space to all fashion lovers. It gives you an opportunity to let everyone see your real identity through your Matric Dance Dress.  You are permissible to look the way you wish on school premises.  2nd Take Boutique Shop is here to assist you, make your “freedom night” memorable.

The Formation of all Matric Dances

The Matric Dance is the most important High School event of teenagers from all over the world, more especially from Anglo-Saxon or Anglophone countries and with this the Matric Dance Dresses are the most important Fashion buy for any matriculating young lady. The Matric Dance began in Europe, and then it was known as the Debutante Ball.  Debutante is a French word, meaning ‘female beginner’.  This event was held for girls having reached maturity age and ready for marriage. They were introduced formally into society.

Today, it is known as the Prom (short for promenade), Matric Ball or Dance and Matric Farewell , depending in which nation you reside in.  This event is hosted by High Schools for last year students to rejoice their departure to the next level of their lives.

2nd Take will assist you; make your exit from High School marvellous with our wide-range of beautiful second-hand, international designer Matric Dance Dresses.


Matric Dance Dresses just for you!

 It’s all about entertainment and the perfect designer Matric Dance dresses

During Matric Dance, students get involved in various exciting activities to make their night unforgettable. In the United State, the Prom Queen and Prom King are announced. This election is based on their level of involvement in school activities such as debate, a choir and sport etc. In South Africa students are given an opportunity to vote for the best dressed male and female. Both ways are thrilling as it is all about them and of course their special night.

Let 2nd Take help you look fabulous without breaking the bank. We have wonderful, once off new and second-hand international designer clothing and Matric Dance Dresses, at up to 70% less of the original selling price.

Look eye-catching with 2nd Take Matric Dance Dresses. To find your perfect dress, visit us at our store or shop online .

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