Stylish Designer Jackets for Men

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Trendy Designer Jackets for the fashion conscious gent

If there is anything that woman appreciate from men- it is the ability to put some effort into looking handsome and stylish at the same time. Fashion is about looking good and feeling good! Although some men may argue that looking good is not everything, but a stylish man walking in a room, certainly demands everyone’s attention.

Seasonal Designer Jacket Trends for men

Trends for men change seasonally just like it changes for woman. Even though it seems like a lot of work, men should also stay updated with the latest trends in fashion. It might seem like an impossible thing to do, especially taking into consideration that some men don’t like shopping, watching fashion channels and reading up fashion magazines.

Every man should at least own  a stylish designer jacket in their wardrobe. A well fitted designer  jacket can turn an ordinary look into a charming modern and sophisticated look. Stylish jackets for men are perfect for any occasion, whether a day at the office or  special dinner reservation…

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If you are opting for the casual yet stylish look then a black or navy jacket will best fit your look. A neutral colour jacket can be matched with simply anything- it can also blend in with some of the items in your wardrobe. When paired up with a white shirt, tailored jeans and a pair of loafers, this look will definitely make you look like a trendsetter. 2nd Take’s Fashion items will take you from being ordinary to a trend setter, without breaking the bank. Learn how and visit our online store. Also check out this Aquascutum jacket.

Aquascutum Designer Mens Jacket


Formal Fashion Styles

If you are opting for a more formal look , then go for a white, beige or cream designer jacket. These colours will make you look classy and elegant and they can be paired with a white or pastel pink shirt of your choice. This clean look is  perfect for a professional day at the office. To make the Fashion look more fun , add a scarf or slouchy beanie that matches with the look. This look is sure to make you look younger and adventurous. The Mila Schono Uomo designer jacket has a nouveau yacht and is perfect for a gentlemen.


Mila Schon Uomo Designer Mens Jacket

For a cold winter day, the synthetic jacket will keep you warm and because of it`s material it is less chunky which will give you a trendy yet warm look.

Here are some tips to remember when purchasing a designer jacket:


  • Purchase a jacket that makes you look chunky- it will make you look shapeless.
  • Choose a multicoloured designer jacket with different patterns- rather go for neutral colours that will match the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Wear a jacket that has not been tailored – a tailored jacket looks good and will make you look classy.

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