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The Zara Designer Clothes Brand

Zara is one of the most popular designer clothes brands globally. It had its humble beginnings with a single store in a central street in Galicia, Spain. Started by Amancia Ortega, the store featured affordable versions of runway fashion styles and became a hit with customers. More stores were opened and today Zara is bringing high-end fashion within the reach of women in more than 70 countries worldwide. Zara is owned by the Inditex Group, which also owns successful brands like Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Stardivarius and Bershka. These wonderful designer clothes are now available for the whole of South Africa at 2nd Take’s store and online store.

The brand owes its success to its ability to interpret the latest trends and its ability to act upon customer reactions quickly. In comparison to a processing time of 6 months required by the rest of the industry, Zara takes only 4-5 weeks to process a garment from design to delivery at stores. This has caused a lot of intrigue across the world and several case studies have been done on Zara’s business structure. We have listed some of the basic features that set Zara apart from its competitors.

Design, Production & Supply Chain of Zara’s Designer clothes:

Unlike most brands, Zara owns most of its production centres, has in-house design teams and controls the entire supply chain mechanism. Most of Zara’s designer clothes production is centred in Spain, Turkey and the rest of Europe. Only products with a longer shelf life, like basic t-shirts, are outsourced to other factories in Asia.


Designer clothes stores:

All of Zara’s designer clothes stores are company owned, unless a country’s policies don’t allow for foreign ownership. In this case franchisees are entered into.



If no reaction is received to a new introduction within a week, the style is withdrawn and all future reorders are cancelled. The style can be altered and redelivered to the stores within 2 weeks. Zara produces about 11000 different styles a year, in comparison to 2000-4000 styles produced by competitors. A constant study of customer behaviour also leads to weekly withdrawals and new introductions and helps to maintain constant customer interest. According to surveys, an average store gets 3 visits a year from its customers, but an average Zara store gets 18 visits a year from its customers.

Zara has been described as “the most innovative and the most destructive brand” by Danielle Pette, Fashion Director at Louis Vuitton. We completely agree with the innovative part and hope to see a store in Cape Town soon. Until then, you can fill your shopping bags with used Zara designer clothes from 2nd Take at Sea Point or our online store – visit us at .

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