Mandela vibes from Charity Shops, large Corperations and the Community

From Charity Shops and Organizations to Blue Chip Companies – the Mandela spirit grips everyone

The Nelson Mandela Day initiative was first celebrated in 2009, on the 18th of July, which is Nelson Mandela’s Birthday. It was internationally recognized and celebrated one year later, on the 18th of July 2010. The Nelson Mandela Foundation encouraged the global community, Charity Shops and Organizations to be involved and to make this day compassionate.  This day is not meant to be a public holiday, as our hero Nelson Mandela valued education, progress and getting involved. Nelson Mandela Day is meant for people, to contribute their time and to volunteer and serve the community.  From second-hand Charity Shops to Blue Chip Companies and individuals from all walks of life are getting involved to help people in need on Nelson Mandela Day.

2nd Take is not a second-hand Charity Shop, but we got busy just the same on Nelson Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela Day is all about showing Ubuntu to our fellow community members. The Mandela Day campaign message says that Nelson Mandela fought for social justice for 67 years. Therefore the challenge to everyone is to contribute 67 minutes of their live on Mandela Day, to make a difference! Of course you are welcome to show compassion beyond the 67 minutes, but 67 minutes is a good start! We should aim to make every day a Nelson Mandela day. “We would be honoured if such a day can serve to bring  people together  around the world.  Fight against poverty. Promote peace and reconciliation,” a statement issued on Mandela’s behalf. 2nd Take is honoured to be part of  such kindhearted  day. We visited a Homeless shelter, the Haven Napier Night Shelter in Green Point, Cape Town and donated clothing to the value of R20 000 to people in need. We took part on this day even though it does not fall under Charity Shops.

The Haven Night Shelter is doing its excellent work since 1984; they celebrated their 30 anniversary on the 12th July this year. They not only shelter and feed homeless people – for free for the first 5 nights, but they also re-unite them with their families. They assist with gaining employment, on the job training and obtaining IDs for the homeless, which is quite a challenging undertaking, especially if a person has been living on the street for years. This is a wonderful Charity to support with donations or with your time, as volunteer. It was an overwhelming experience, to make a real difference, with so little, in so little time. 2nd Take is part of the community and we strife to make everyday a Nelson Mandela Day. 2nd Take has been supporting the Haven Night Shelter over the last 4 years and we hope more important support is coming from other companies, charity shops and the community in general.

Make everyday a Charity Day whether you are an Individual, a Charity Shops or a large Corporation

Nelson Mandela Day can be everyday. Next time, you see a less fortunate person think of all the years our legend Nelson Mandela fought for the freedom we all enjoy today. You don’t have to look for Charity Shops to help people in need this winter; you can give away some of your clothes directly to the Haven Night Shelter. Remember, making a difference begins with YOU. Thank you to everyone who is contributing to the success of today!

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