Brad Pitt style guide

brad pitt's many styles

Say what you want about him, but Brad Pitt has had an illustrious life on and off the silver screen. He’s been a young heart-throb, an impressive actor, a father to a large brood, a campaigner for good causes, one of the world’s sexiest men and a husband. Through all the different shapes he has taken some would argue that his sense of style has never faltered.

Guys, here’s a lowdown on how to dress like Mr. Pitt.

Keep it cool:

No matter what the occasion, Brad Pitt knows that looking good is essential in his line of work. He makes sure he follows the trends but doesn’t follow them exactly. This is a man who moulds the latest and greatest around what works for him. He often goes for a standard jeans and white t-shirt or shirt combo that he knows works well for him.

2nd Take Fashion Tip: Find your go-to look and stick with it. There’s nothing stopping you from adding an accessory here and there or tweaking your look every now and then. But if you find a look that works well for you, why deviate too far from it?

Look smart:

Pitt knows that when the occasion calls for it putting a little bit of effort into his wardrobe goes a long way. When he steps on to the red carpet he always looks dashing and stylish. He often opts for a slick well-fitted suit but every now and then will throw in a leather jacket or fashionable scarf to finish his look.

2nd Take Fashion Tip: Invest in a timeless suit that fits you perfectly and you can never go wrong at special events. Women appreciate a man who makes an effort and who isn’t afraid to show a little bit of charisma by swopping out the jeans and tee combo for an edgy yet classy look.


Any man knows that guys can accessorise, you just have to know how. Pitt sticks with his basics and adds one or two (never too many) accessories to his outfits. A stylish scarf makes his outfit that much more slick, or add a fun but fashionable hat to bring something extra to a look.

2nd Take Fashion Tip: When buying accessories, go for neutral tones and fabrics so that your new item will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. Greys, browns, black and white work well for a man who wants to look good in a subtle way.

How do you view Brad’s style? We would love to hear your opinions….

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