Baby Gym: Helping you through your baby’s first years

baby gym - tips for your child's first years

What is a Baby Gym?

All parents want the best for their kids, especially moms! This is where Baby Gym steps in and deals with all the complicated issues that go with the growing process of the first two years of your little one’s life.

According to this programme, the number of brain cells an infant has is not as important as the number of connections between the brain cells. Baby Gym offers a unique three-step programme that helps mothers encourage these connections. This is presented by qualified instructors to give moms and dads advice and guidelines on where to begin, what to do and what to look out for in the developing stages of their brain and limbs, social and language skills and feelings.

Here is a breakdown of the curriculum of the three-step programme:

Baby Gym 1: First four months

This stage consists of two sessions where mom and dad get to bond with their little one and learn how to improve sleep and eating patterns.

Baby Gym 2: Firm Foundations

This consists of a five-week programme where mom and baby spend quality time together. Moms learn new techniques on how to stimulate baby’s senses, brain and muscles. The program runs for only one hour per week, making it ideal for working moms.

Baby Gym 3: Advanced Sessions

This is where baby learns how to sit, crawl, stand, cruise and walk. For each milestone reached (remember that the quality of your baby’s movement is more important than the speed of movements) baby earns a Baby Gym 3: Advanced Sessions Certificate.

This is a great learning experience for parents and an investment in your baby’s future!

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