Aldo – Designer Brand Information

Aldo – Brand Information

Aldo is a private Canadian corporation that owns and operates a worldwide chain of shoe and accessory stores.

Early Career

• In 1972, Aldo Bensadoun founded the Aldo brand in Montreal, Quebec.
• Bensadoun, who’s love for shoes was inspired by his father and grandfather, who were both shoe merchants.
• Shoemaking was his passion and he was an expert in the field of making shoes.
• This business some would say today with that kind of traits the business was destined to be a success.


• In 1987, the first Aldo store opened and after the success of the first store, the company expanded at a remarkable pace, opening of 95 stores in the 1980s.
• In 1993, the brand opened its first store in the United States, in Boston Massachusetts.
• Over the next 9 years the company opened about 125 stores in the US alone.
• In 2002, the brand moves into the streets of London, opening up stores in hot spots, such as Oxford Street and then expanded into the English countryside.
• The UK “invasion” further elevated the brand’s success rate.
• In 2003, the brand opened its first store in Asia, Singapore.
• Now, having successful store in the UK, Middle East and Asia, the brand continued its global domination opening multiple stores worldwide.
• In 2008, the company re-branded some of it stores, and started carrying other designer shoes and accessories in their stores.
• Two years later the company made another strategic decision, by opening several stores that specifically catered to young professionals.
• In 2011 the brand also announced its collaboration with Kohl’s department stores. Aldo would design an exclusive collection of footwear product exclusively sold in Kohl’s stores.

Trademark of Aldo

The brand, even though excelling in its accessory department, will always be known for impeccable and high quality Footwear.

Present Day

• Today there are over 1000 Aldo stores in 65 countries.
• There are over 160 accessory stores in 19 countries.
Aldo has become a giant in footwear and accessories and its excellent reputation attests to it.


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