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All of us want to leave a greener world for our kids to live in, don’t we? The great thing about it is that it’s never too late to start making your contribution towards a greener planet.


Beginnings of Green…

Why not start with something every woman loves – clothes! A lot of designers and brands are taking the initiative to use eco-friendly fibres like hemp, bamboo and organic cotton.  In fact, Catalytic Clothing is working on a technology that will allow fabric surfaces to purify the air we breathe. Its hard to believe, but if it does come to fruition, clothes would take on a whole new meaning! By supporting these green initiatives and buying from these organisations we can make a difference.


Another way of joining the eco-friendly revolution is to increase the lifecycle of your clothes by taking proper care of them. Make sure you read the labels and look after your items with care and they’ll last longer.


Buying from and selling to second-hand stores also increases the lifecycle of your garments and it also gives you the opportunity to own some very special pieces. Mixing and matching second-hand pieces with the latest trends is the coolest way to obtain your own unique look.


You don’t have to stop at clothes. Vintage looks are trending in home furnishings, crockery, shoes and accessories. So dig out the pure silver photo frame from your Mom’s trunk, couple it with your Grandfather’s French coffee table, decorate your couch with some eco-friendly cushions and last of all grace all of this with yourself in a 60s Chanel dress and the latest pair of Jimmy Choo’s.


At 2nd Take we’re making our contribution by reselling top quality, used designer clothes. We’re giving your unused clothes a new lease on life. We also donate them on your behalf to selected charities.


Some tips for clearing out your closet:

Make three or more piles: “keeping”, “passing on” and “not sure”. This will help you sort through all your clothes without getting too overwhelmed.

  • Ask yourself when last you wore an item. If its been months then it’s probably time to pass that item on.
  • Give yourself a time limit. If you really can’t part with an item but haven’t worn it in ages, give yourself a month in which to wear it. If you don’t then be harsher on yourself and pass it on next time round.


Visit 2nd Take today to start making your contribution.

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