A look at wool through the eyes of the environment

A look at wool - a look at the environmental costs of your garments

Is the environment picking up the tab for your clothing?

How much time do we spend considering the cost of your clothing to the environment? Most of us spend quite some time thinking about the price tag attached, but not the environmental consequences of our purchases. If you have thought about this, perhaps you convinced yourself that you were making the right choices for the environment by opting for natural fibres, like wool, silk or cotton. After all, cheaper man-made materials like Nylon can take up to 30 to 40 years to decompose.

Investing in natural fibres is a great place to start. But extending the life span of these items is an even bigger eco-friendly step. A well-cared-for garment can be worn for a longer time or passed on to someone else.

Extend the shelf-life of your wool garments by checking out this easy-read on How to care for your Wool Garments here.

To further read up on the environmental impact of your clothing, visit fibre2fashion.com by clicking the link.

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