2nd Take’s week in review – Fashion and Franchise news

2nd Take’s past week – we take a 2nd look

We started out with a motto that would keep us going though tough times, like when we have to choose the Fashion items to style our mannequins 😉

“Success in never final, failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts”

Winston Churchhill

We took inspiration for our fashion choices from the 4ht of July, celebrations – Independence Day!

2nd Take was not alone celebrating 4th of July, America’s Independence Day. Although an American national Holiday, many countries adopted the fashion culture aspect of this day.

Still don’t know what we mean? Here are example of how we have taken this day and incorporated it into our closets and fashion styles.

Look of the week

We had a 04th of July inspired Look, styling with the colours of the American flag red, white and blue.

Look of the week


Celebrity wearing the Look

Amy Childs went full out and looked lovely, with the 04th July, starts and stripes motive, wearing an all-in-one jumpsuit, with the American flag print on it.

celebrity wearing the theme of week

Runway celeb and street style

We loved the military inspired fashion looks, simply amazing!See how it was taken from Runway to the street.


This week in fashion news

Look great this winter by following these new fashion trends for the season. We decided that this week its all about wearing the right colours, but the Fashion Designers have incorporated fabulous colours in their winter designs. Wear some of these colours and you will be in trend this winter:

Dark red and Purple
We have seen varying degrees of dark red and purple items this winter, and we have to admit, we love seeing these colours blended together.
50 Shades of Grey
Grey is back in a big way! This winter, achieve a warm and cosy feel with choosing clothing items in the colour grey, another benefit is that grey goes with almost everything.
Camel and sand
This winter we have been seeing a lot of leather, cardigans, shoes and bags in this beautiful versatile camel colour.
Fun fashion quote for the week!
“Costume jewellery is not made to give women a feeling of wealth but to make them beautiful.” –Emma Watson.


Franchise News

This week on the franchise side of things, we took a look at 2nd Take’s  Franchise support. This support is vital for Franchisees to build success.

A 2nd Take small franchise business is a franchise business that follows the principles adopted by successful franchise business systems in Retail South Africa. 2nd Take’s Franchise model is guided and facilitated by robust knowledge, documentation in the form of disclosure documentation, operation manuals, franchise agreements and other functional documentation. These documents are built to specification and serve to guide the Franchisee in the ongoing management of the business. These documents also direct the flow of actions and the decisions undertaken to make the 2nd Take Franchise store successful.
For more information go and check out our Franchise Blog or our Franchise Information.

For further information on 2nd Take Franchise Options in South Africa, please contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail franchise@2ndtake.co.za.


New Arrivals



Founded in 2010, 2nd Take, an exclusive, second-hand designer brand retailer, was established to provide individuals with a unique in store and online shopping experience offering branded designer fashion items at reduced prices. Many of  the stocked brands cannot be bought in other South African retail outlets. Make 2nd Take your first, and favourite, fashionable clothing store. 2nd Take now also stocks baby equipment, toys and books



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