2nd Take Review- Hot Trends – September 2015

2nd Take Review and Fashion News September 2015

This Past Week at 2nd Take – We take a 2nd look.

We started our week with an inspirational quote by Ayn Rand:

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”


Polka Dots dominated this last week at 2nd Take.

did you ever wonder when Polka Dots first featured in the Fashion Scenes? Read on for a brief history on Polka dots.

The 1950s was the polka dot’s biggest decade. Everyone from movie stars to housewives dressed up in dots, and the polka dot pattern has been associated with the 1950s ever since.

Because the decade was an innocent, carefree and flourishing one in American history, the polka dot carries implications of innocence, happiness, simplicity, fun and childhood. However, Coco Chanel already favoured the dots in the 1920s and in 1928.

In the 1940s and 50s Polka dots entered high-end fashion when Christian Dior released his “New Look” collection of hourglass dresses and other dress styles bedecked with dots. After a wartime period of shifting gender roles. Hollywood followed feminine suit, and the ladylike print fast became popular. Actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball and Katherine Hepburn were some of the polka dots chief exponents.

Enough about history! This trend still alive and kicking in this day and age, so let’s check out who is wearing Polka Dots this spring 2015.

Celebrities wearing Polka Dots

Sarah Jessica Parker stands out from the crowd at the hip New York Gala event, wearing a polka dot dress.

Parker teamed her monchrome, full circle dress with a pair of pale pink satin heels and simple jewellery. She completed her look with a pair of simple earrings.

Celeb wearing the theme


What do you prefer? Dotted Flats or Heels?

What do You Prefer

What do you prefer this Spring season?

Are you a high heels kind of lady or do you prefer flats?

Let us know what your favourite style is and why?


Look of the week!

Look Of the week

Polka dots is one of the most popular print trends, used by various designers in their 2015 Spring collections. It’s now trending everywhere  and is a must have for your Spring 2015 wardrobe.

Get this fabulous polka dot look by pairing your favourite shirt with a stunning polka dot skirt or pants, match it with a pair of heels or pumps. Don’t forget a clutch bag to complete your look.

Shop the look in store or online.

Please note: Only one of each item available!


Designer Fashion Fact

Did you know this about the lovely Polka Dot?

French designer Coco Chanel favoured dots in the 1920s. In the 1950s, glamour queens such as Marilyn Monroe flaunted the print, while house wives across America donned delicate, evenly spaced dots in “Leave It to Beaver” bliss. In the ’60s, they became a pop-song anthem and the puffed sleeves of the 1980s found themselves spotted by the likes of revolutionary American designer Geoffrey Beene.


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