2nd Take Review -Fashion and Franchise News – August 1


2nd Take Review- Fashion and Franchise News

We take a 2nd look at 2nd Take’s past week

We started our week with an inspirational quote by Belva Davis

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams, and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”

From a fashion sense this week was all about checks and plaids. Plaids and Checks popped up everywhere we decided to showcase this fashion forward trend for you. Check – pun intended – out what we have found in this week’s Runway, celeb & street style and our who wore it best post.

Runway, Celeb and Street Style

Check and Plaid is a hot trend this season! It is everywhere from the runway to the streets, people are trying to incorporate this colourful look into their wardrobes.

Runway, street and celeb


Who wore it best

Willow Shields vs Ashley Madekwe – both wore this Self-Portrait Resort asymmetrical cut-out jumpsuit

Who wore it best


Environmental News

Here at 2nd we are all about going green and we love doing our bit for the environment and sharing knowledge of how you can contribute to keeping our environment cleaner.

Some facts, to inspire you to take a different attitude towards buying your designer clothing!

While shoppers are rushing to second-hand clothing stores in order to save money, they are also doing their part to save the environment!

Second-hand shopping became popular in the wake of the recession, and four years later even with some small signs of economic recovery, second-hand shopping remains a trend.

According to the American Association of Resale Professionals, the number of second-hand stores has increased by 7% over the past two years and about 16% to 18% of Americans shop at ‪#‎secondhand stores in any give year.

Recycling unwanted clothing reduces landfill waste as well as the amount of resources needed to produce new clothing.

You are not only getting great Fashion Finds at 2nd Take, but you are also doing your bit for the environment!


This week on the Franchise side of things

We tackle the topic of what the drivers for growth are, in a 2nd Take small Retail Franchise setting.

Running a low cost franchise is a challenging proposition as well as a fulfilling one – 2nd Take business growth is dependent upon several growth factors:

  • 2nd Take small retail franchise growth in the form of derived demand – simply put, marketing clothing sourced on consignment to a “ready to buy” consumer public. 2nd Take sources stock locally and naturally and stores it on consignment before resale, to a defined market.
  • Marketing and advertising both short and long term for a sustainable retail franchise – this includes loyalty / CRM as well as burst promotions ensuring repeat purchasing behavior. We favour loyalty through relationship building and do our very best to establish a loyal following for our brand and stores.
  • Footfall and directed traffic to a 2nd Take small retail franchise. All marketing is directional and serves to induce purchasing behaviour at specific stores and to stimulate footfall to a 2nd Take store on a repeat basis.
  • Optimal category placement and merchandising for the 2nd Take retail franchise
  • 2nd Take POS and fixture optimization with prime visibility for the fashion category. 2nd Take has a cost effective and easy to install solution for optimal product placement.
  • Adequate stock placement and stockholdings. We ensure that stock is always on shelf and that there is always reserve stock in the store room.
  • Increase in the customer base through networking and actively marketing 2nd Take on social media and to external business stakeholders.
  • Suitable fashion ambassadorship for the small retail franchise. 2nd Take encourages local fashion councils and local designers to drive endorsement of the franchise group

For more information contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail franchise@2ndtake.co.za


New Arrivals

Check out these new designer clothing arrivals which we have just unpacked, designer items from ranging from brands such as Guess, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Aldo, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Zara, H&M, Steve Madden, Nine West and many more.



2nd Take, one of South Africa’s leading second-hand clothing and kids equipment retailers, providing second-hand international designer clothes and baby and kids equipment, in stores as well as online.

2nd Take is the largest consignment second-hand online clothing retailer in South Africa with boutique shops in Cape Town. 2nd Take stocks exclusive designer brands and high street labels, often not available for purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

2nd Take is now available as low cost Franchise nationwide in South Africa.

For further information on 2nd Take, please contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail us info@2ndtake.co.za

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