Advantages of our 2nd Take low cost Franchise

A 2nd Take Low cost Franchise

Franchising is a very important and successful business system to grow second-hand retail stores. There are many successful second-hand chain stores attesting to this in Europe and the United States. However, we are the first company to make this exciting and rewarding franchise business model available in South Africa.

Our expertise, experience, good image, creativity and support, combined with the willingness, dedication and corporate ambition of the Franchisee are vital in the success of establishing a 2nd Take low cost Franchise.

2nd Take clearly differentiates itself from other second-hand clothing stores. 2nd Take has a clever and unique location and stock strategy, focusing on a mix between high and low income areas.

There are so many advantages to a 2nd Take low cost Franchise:

  • A chance to have your own business and the rewards that come with it
  • As a 2nd Take Franchisee, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself
  • The enjoyment that comes from working with great fashion brands and people
  • A Franchsie Business where your suppliers become your customers and your customers become your suppliers
  • A business franchise with low start-up costs, a proven business concept and good brand recognition throughout South Africa
  • A Recession proof franchise business – especially in economically tough times customers and suppliers alike come to us in increasing numbers
  • The tools and support, that will help make your 2nd Take store a success
  • 85% of 2nd Take customers will become repeat customers
  • A franchsie business geared for growth; we recorded average monthly turnover growth (compared to the previous year month) of over 27% in the last two quarters of 2013 and for the first quarter in 2014
  • 2nd Take’s ongoing and unlimited support in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing, purchasing  and equipment
  • Personal satisfaction as an individual owner and member of the 2nd Take group

Currently the 2nd Take Brand has no comparable competitor in our business field and we fill the market gap fully.

Contact us for more information on the low cost Franchise option. 


2nd Take is the largest consignment second-hand online clothing retailer in South Africa with boutique shops in Cape Town. 2nd Take stocks exclusive designer brands and high street labels, often not available for purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

2nd Take is now available as low cost Franchise nationwide in South Africa.

For further information on 2nd Take, please contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail



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