2nd Take sells wool winter Jackets

Jackets – What’s better – natural fibres or synthetic ones?


2nd Take keeps it natural, we sell wool jackets.

We often are not aware of what direct impact our fashion choices have on the environment. A good example are winter jackets. Other than the obvious question of Fashion style, we also should as the question of which fabric is my jacket made of. Do I buy a wool winter jacket or one made from synthetic or mixed fibres.

Wool is a natural resource – it is the hair coat of sheep and the quality of the wool may differ depending on the kind of sheep that the fibre was produced from. Wool is known to be the oldest and one of the first fibres to be spun into yarn and woven into fabric. We all love wearing wool jackets when it gets colder, but should we reconsider?

As consumers, we tend to consume clothing at a very high rate without taking into consideration what effect this has on the environment. Although some people may argue, we are to blame for not using our natural resources effectively. If we continue being ignorant towards our environment, then 100 years from now, we will not have any natural resources left to use. It is very important that we start taking responsibility over our environment. We can all make a difference by not only looking at the price tag when purchasing clothing but also think about the consequences of our buying decisions against the environment.

At 2nd Take we are firmly of the opinion that it is time to invest in natural fibres such as wool, silk and cotton. These are the fabrics that will last you for longer periods of time if they are well maintained. Garments made from Nylon fibre can also last for long periods, they take up to 30-40 years to decay. Do the right thing and save our environment by taking care of your clothes so that they last longer and you can even hand them down to your kids if they are still in good condition.

This is where 2nd Take comes in, we have authentic designer garments that will fit your budget at any given time. Visit our store in Sea Point or simply check out our online store.

To get easy tips on how to keep your wool garments and jackets for longer, visit How to care for your Wool Garments here.


Have a look here, at fibre2fashion.com for information on what impact your clothing choices have on the environment.

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