2nd Take in Review – Fashion and Franchise News August 2015

2nd Take Review – Fashion and Franchise News

This Past Week at 2nd Take – We take a 2nd look.

We started our week with an inspirational quote by Bernice Johson Reagon

“Life challenge are not supposed to paralyse you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”

Hot Sprint 2015 Trend – Stripes

Whether it be a Zebra, pedestrian crossing, bar code or clothing – stripes are all around us! and they have been a ever current trend in the world of fashion for the last 150 years and counting.
We are not 100% sure when this trend really made its debut, but we have loads of interesting info on stripes for you! For the past week 2nd Take explored this trend: who wears it and who wore it best, celebrity wearing the theme, striped accessories and our look of the week!

But before we get into official business, here is a brief history on stripes.

Dating back to the Medieval times – it was only prisoners, clowns, prostitutes, hangmen and all the condemned who wore striped garments, as the pattern was seen as being evil. A French cobbler was sent to death only because he had been caught in striped clothes!

Lets fast forward to more friendly times for stripes though.  In the end of 18th century stripes have finally become chic. All thanks to the sea faring people!

In 1846 Queen Victoria dressed her four-year-old son, Albert Edward in a sailor suit to board the Royal Yacht. Ever since then the public became entranced and adored kids wearing stripes.

The unusual look was also popularized by Franz Xaver Winterhalteanr’s painting in 1847 showing a boy wearing a striped marine jacket. These days no one knew that the sea-to-land look would be the basis and a mainstream trend that would span more than 150 years.

Eventually swimmers also adopted the style, wearing smart, navy blue and white striped swimsuits.

The striped shirt has been a beloved institution in fashion since the mid 19th century. A navy blue and white shirt with 21 striped symbolizing each of Napoleon’s victories became the uniform for all French navy men. The Breton shirt – named after the Breton workers – increased its popularity throughout the later half of the nineteenth century.

In the beginning of the 20th century Mademoiselle Coco Chanel took a trip to the French Rivera. When she arrived there, she saw workers in the harbour wearing their knit navy and white striped shirts, which inspired her to create an amazing nautical fashion collection. The always powerful Coco Chanel loved the stripes’ minimalism. After her visit to the French Riviera she knew she wanted to take the bold stripe mainstream and started retailing them in France at her Deauville shop in 1917.

Thanks to leading lady in fashion, Coco Chanel, the nautical stripe fashion frenzy started.

Later in the 20th century the Breton shirt was adopted by almost every group possible. Artists such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol took the Breton shirt back for the male population and made it their own.

In the 1950′s movie stars like Marilyn Monroe , Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot looked undeniably striking in their stripes.

Let’s not forget James Dean wearing a Breton shirt in Rebel Without a Cause. In the 1960′s, the Beat Generation literary movement took the Breton stripes and fused it in to the hip fashion of their subculture.

During the 60s and 70s stripes were seen as rebellious and were worn only by those looking to question the fashion authority with an artistic interpretation.

We could name many more artists, musicians, movie stars and others, wearing striped clothing. The “Telnyashka shirt” has been covering adults and kids, boys and girls, workers, seamen, anarchists and pacifists, different subcultures’ followers, soldiers, film directors and movie stars, role- and fashion models, politicians, architects and artists, freelancers, photographers, prostitutes, prisoners and fashionistas around the globe. We all love stripes.

Who wore it best?

Kim Kardashian donned this black and white Nuj Novakhett stripes stress, which she accessorised with a black belt, black suede Louboutin pumps and a matching Louboutin satin clutch.

Ashlee Simpson was spotted on the same striped mini dress, she decided to jazz up her outfit by adding a red clutch and white pointy pumps to complete her look.

2nd Take


Accessories at 2nd Take!

See how 2nd Take accessorised the striped look, of course everything featured is sold in the 2nd Take stores!

Dress up your outfit with this beautiful Country Road scarf, handbag and your favourite heels, like these peeptoe wedge from Lil Koi.

Accessories Post

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Celebrity wearing the theme!

The singer and actor, Usher was spotted on his way to the Radio One station studio in London. Styled in a pair of dark tortoise Dita Insider sunglasses and Yves Saint Laurent mojave leopard printed cowhide lace-up chukka sneakers. He completed the look by wearing a Levis denim trucker jacket, a Comme Des Garcons striped metallic long sleeve t-shirt, and navy cargo pants.

Celebrity wearing the theme


2nd Take’s Look of the Week

Check out how we interpreted this theme at 2nd Take in our look of the week. We matched a striped blazer, with a halter neck top, chic heels and added some accessories for our perfect striped look.

Look of the Week

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Franchise News

This week on the franchise side of things- we focus on the 2nd Take website nd online appearance, to drive traffic to the Franchise stores. The 2nd Take franchisee can trust, that we as franchisor, will do our best to drive feet to the individual stores, through our online marketing.

You might ask, “How does online marketing help, to grow my 2nd Take Franchise store?”

We strive to establish credibility on the 2nd Take website. This website is the touch point on which many people get their first and hopefully great and lasting impression of 2nd Take’s business.

2nd Take has a fully fledged and developed website that is geared towards marketing the Franchise stores nationwide. We will support all your online enablement needs and will facilitate the marketing of your franchise store to the target consumers. The more people visit the 2nd Take website, the more likely you are to receive feet through your door, generated through the website visit.

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