2nd Take Review – Fashion and Franchise News – August 2

2nd Take Review- Fashion and Franchise News

We take a 2nd look at 2nd Take’s last week.


Our week started with an inspirational quote by Dr Seuss.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Wise words! wouldn’t you say?


We also continued investigating our checks and plaids theme and strove to give your more fashion facts and info on this popular trend.

Here is a brief history of check and plaid!

Whether you adore it or find it a symbol of all things hipster, plaid is one of the most ever-present patterns in modern fashion.

Plaid shirts won’t die. They only continue to evolve. Disciples owe great thanks to the rebels of the Scottish highlands, who first donned the criss-crossed tartan on kilts in the seventeenth century, as a mark of clan identity

From Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood, designers adore the cross-hatched pattern and its simultaneously preppy and punk connotations.

Do you know the difference between plaid and tartan?

Tartan” refers to the unique cloth patterns which distinguish one Scottish clan or geographical region from another. A “plaid” was a blanket which served as an outer layer to battle the Highland elements.

Plaid, as we know it, was later appropriated by British and American manufacturers, who created patterned fabric which resembled tartan. Written records from 1538 place the fabric in high esteem amongst royalty including King James V, who gifted his wife with several bolts of the material.

During the 19th century, the pattern made the leap from Europe to the U.S., where it became known by the name we know today as plaid. The Midwest company Woolrich Woolen Mills gave plaid’s popularity a boost when they originated Buffalo plaid in the 1850s. Buffalo plaid‘s distinctive red and black checkered pattern became a staple amongst those in outdoor professions most notably, lumberjacks.

In 1995, couture designer Alexander McQueen took up Jacobs and Westwood’s gauntlet by infusing his collection with tartan, naming the collection “Highland Rape” in reference to Scotland’s mistreatment by the English in 1800s.

No matter the decade, plaid is always in fashion, whether it’s paired with pressed khaki’s or a pair of baggy jean overalls.

Styling plaid!

Styling Plaid

Times are certainly changing the way this Scottish staple is worn all over the world! Plaid and check comes with a huge dose of the vintage along with sensuality, layering and colour.

The fun in embracing an ever-evolving trend such as plaid, lies in the endless styling opportunities that seem to only be expanding with each passing year. Either you plan to bet on the unexpected, or try to keep plaid looking clean and polished, do:

  1. Clash blocks of alternate tartan patterns, for different size checks in complementary shades, and stick with crisp, minimal silhouettes;
    2. Incorporate plaid in looks inspired by the folk style, maintaining an overall effortless feel with blanket coats, chunky scarves and cosy knits;
    3. Update the school girl uniform with a perfect blend of feminine or masculine elements, clashing tartan, denim and metallic textures, and pairing ladylike coats with man style flats.
    4. Add to the cowgirl style with rich, contrasting plaids in abstract patterns.


Celebrity wearing the theme

Robert Pattinson was spotted leaving the Bowery Hotel in New York City, wearing a plaid jacket and retro Lennon-esque shades.

Celebrity wearing the theme

Check out how 2nd Take interpreted this look

2nd Take look of the week!

We kept it the look stylish and interesting by pairing this Zara checked shirt dress and leggings, lastly adding a pair of stunning high knee boots to complete your look perfectly.

2nd Take look of the week

Shop for this look at 2nd Take or online


Franchise News

This week on the Franchise side of things – Franchise Marketing


2nd Take‘s small business franchise is an international designer fashion store that functions on a franchise basis. This retail franchise leverages several key marketing outputs to drive Franchise Growth and Sustainability. We provide all our marketing materials to you with the aim of driving your small business franchise store’s growth and profitability.

Supportive Marketing Platforms that 2nd Take leverages includes:

  • Branded Marketing Materials
  • Point of Purchase Materials
  • Short Term Promotional Burst Items
  • Themed Activities and Programmes
  • Cyclical activities
  • and Communication items in all shapes and size

For more info contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail us on franchise@2ndtake.co.za

New Designer Clothing Fashion Arrivals!

Come and visit us! We just unpacked amazing stock, including brands such as Escada, Louis Vuitton Guess, Nine West, French Connection, Michael Kors, Country Road, Ralph Lauren, Mango, Calvin Klein and many more.

Please note we only have one of each item available.


2nd Take, one of South Africa’s leading second-hand clothing and kids equipment retailers, providing second-hand international designer clothes and baby and kids equipment, in stores as well as online.

2nd Take is the largest consignment second-hand online clothing retailer in South Africa with boutique shops in Cape Town. 2nd Take stocks exclusive designer brands and high street labels, often not available for purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

2nd Take is now available as low cost Franchise nationwide in South Africa.

For further information on 2nd Take, please contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail us info@2ndtake.co.za

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