2nd Take Franchisee Testimonials


Franchisee Testimonials


Don’t just take our word for it, when we say our 2nd Take Fashion Franchise is amazing, read our Franchisee Testimonails!


2nd Take Clothing Franchisee Testimonials


2nd Take is a professional and successful Franchise Network with a proven business concept. We are collecting 2nd Take Franchisee Testimonials to give you more insight into our business and what the people owning and running our Franchise have to say.

The 2nd Take prestigious, second-hand designer wear boutique stores are the next step in the evolution of second-hand clothing stores and 2nd Take is continuously working to improve, innovate and to stay ahead of our competitors. We have the solution on how to trade second-hand designer clothing in a profitable manner with the potential for growth.

We have a great vision for 2nd Take‘s future. However, in order to achieve our vision of “Environmentally friendly retail of quality, pre-owned goods in a great shopping environment – a 2nd Take store in every Town”, we need the full buy-in of all our Partners, but especially that of our Franchise Partners.

Without the full commitment of our Franchisees, our vision will be impossible to achieve. For that reason we clearly outline our Mission, of leading the resale industry and our full commitment to providing such high standards of services and products, that when you think of quality second-hand goods, you only think of 2nd Take.

Quality 2nd hand goods = 2nd Take

2nd Take is committed to providing you with exclusive and unique second-hand designer wear, at affordable prices in a beautiful shopping environment. Your closest 2nd Take store is no more than 30 km away from you.

Our 2nd Take Franchise Business offers great value; you can also see this from our Franchisee Testimonials. We offer a Franchise business blue print, in depth know-how, effective training, tools and systems, to ensure immediate and ongoing business success and sustainable profitability.

We constantly re-evaluate ourselves and our market environment, to improve our products and services.

Our Franchise Partners and staff members have access to training materials and business tools, which enables them to operate at the highest standards and always a step ahead of our competitors.

We strive to create win-win scenarios and maximum benefits, in all our business dealings.

  • our customers win, as they get quality goods at a fraction of normal retail prices
  • our suppliers win, as they get money back for items they no longer want
  • our Franchisees win, as they have the opportunity to own a successful and profitable, small business with all the benefits, that come with being part of a powerful enterprise
  • our colleagues win, as we create a secure, fun and rewarding work environment
  • our interns win, as they gain valuable practical work experience and are set up to successfully secure permanent employment after their time with 2nd Take
  • the environment wins, as we reduce the human footprint through recycling
  • many charities benefit from our ongoing and generous clothing donations

We assume you are interested in our business, as you now have read about the 2nd Take vision and mission. Read our Franchisee Testimonials, to find out what our existing Franchisees have to say about us, what fears and challenges they had and how they feel about 2nd Take after starting to operate a 2nd Take Franchise business.

We asked our existing Franchise Partners questions on their reasons for buying a 2nd Take Franchise, about their concerns and experiences. Here are some of our Franchisee Testimonials:

Leeza McCloskey, 2nd Take Castle Walk Store, Erasmuskloof, Pretoria

This is what Leeza McCloskey, our first Franchise Partner in Pretoria has to say:

Why did you decide to buy a 2nd Take Franchise?I was retrenched and decided that I would like to have my own business instead of going back into the corporate world and a franchise seemed like the best option for me. 2nd Take is perfect as I have been in fashion retail for over 30yrs.

Have you previously been involved in a Franchise business or a similar business to 2nd Take? If so, what? No

What was your biggest concern before buying the 2nd Take Franchise? How do you feel about this now? The biggest concern was the fear of the unknown – would it be a success, how would I get stock, would the location of the store work? Now, I am so please that I took on this venture, as it is something new. My customers love the idea. I have gathered a good base of suppliers who keep returning not only as a supplier but also as a customer. I have also built a good relationship with my customers and they keep coming back. I get great compliments from our customers and suppliers on the concept of 2nd Take.

What is the best thing about having bought our Franchise? That I can have my own business.

What are three other great points about 2nd Take? Great support from Head Office throughout the venture, a win-win situation for everyone involved in the business. 2nd Take has done lots of detailed research and has excellent know-how, which is a HUGE help for setting up the Franchise. If makes it so much easier to run a successful business.

Do you feel the training provided, prepared you well for the running of a 2nd Take store? Absolutely

How do you feel now, with your very own 2nd Take store up and running? I am so proud of it. I am also still a bit nervous, but get encouragement from Bettina, support from the head office and amazing support from my family. I love this business and I know it will be a great success.

What would you say to anyone considering buying a 2nd Take Franchise? Why would you recommend us to someone else? 2nd Take is a great opportunity. The support structure is there and all you need is to make the effort and believe in the business and yourself and it will work.

Is there anything you would like to add? Thanks for the opportunity. It is a fantastic idea and I will definitely open another one.

Owner Info:

Leeza McCloskey - 2nd Take Franchisee Testimonial

Our 2nd Take Franchise store owner in Pretoria, Leeza McCloskey, has a strong background in Fashion Retail and Marketing. Leeza, has brought many Fashion chain stores to success and decided it is time to own her own Franchise Business. She loves customer interaction and  has a great passion for customer service and Fashion.

2nd Take is the largest consignment second-hand clothing retailer Franchise group in South Africa with boutique shops in Cape Town and Pretoria, as well as a convenient online store. 2nd Take stocks exclusive designer brands and high street labels, often not available for purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

For further information on 2nd Take, please contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail franchise@2ndtake.co.za.

This page is about Franchisee Testimonials, but if you are one of our customers or suppliers and would like to give us feedback on our service and on your experience. Please contact PR@2ndtake.co.za.

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