Top second-hand Baby Equipment and Clothes

Secobnd-hand Baby Equipments, Toys and kids designer clohtes

2nd Take Kids –  The best quality second-hand Baby equipment  and clothes for your little ones

2nd Take top quality second-hand baby equipment, toys and clothes

If you have kids you’ll know that they grow up (and out of things) fast. Cots become defunct, prams are too small and clothes become tight. As parents, you’re always having to buy bigger sizes and the latest toys. But what happens to all the stuff that you no longer use? We have the best selection of second-hand Baby Equipment and second-hand baby clothes and toys for you!

2nd Take Kids is the solution. We offer exclusive second-hand clothing for babies, toddlers and up, and are expanding our Kids Collection. We want your good quality, excellent condition used Baby equipment. We’re looking to take on anything from cots and prams to car seats, books and toys, not forgetting kids’ clothes too! Make some money and space, by de-cluttering your home. Selling your unwanted items through 2nd Take is an easy and convenient way. No fuss, we do all the work. Just drop off your items with us and we do all the rest. baby equipment and kid's second-hand top designer brands at 2nd Take - now shop online in South Africa

2nd Take second-hand baby goods are perfect if you are looking for quality baby items, without breaking the bank. You will love our wide range of the cutest baby clothing and goo quality second-hand Baby equipment. The only draw back is that we always only have one of each in stock. So come and visit us today at our stores or buy online.

Give us a call on 021 434 5878 or email us at today to turn your unused goods into cash!

To browse our existing Kids Line visit our online store and check out our products.

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